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Availity Announces New Chief Technology Officer


6.05.2018 By Availity


Jacksonville, FLA.—June 05, 2018Availity, the nation’s largest real-time health information network, named Damien Creavin its new Chief Technology Officer.

Creavin, who brings more than 20 years of executive experience in corporate environments, will focus on strategy, technology operations, platform development and information security. He also will foster a collaborative relationship with the company’s top executives to explore growth opportunities in the fiercely competitive healthcare market.

“Damien’s proven leadership is a perfect fit for Availity,” said CEO Russ Thomas. “He will bring a fresh perspective to the complex, data-driven challenges that stand between the industry’s stakeholders and a healthcare system that is more innovative, cost-effective and patient-centered. His experience will be a critical asset as Availity positions itself for the future.”

Creavin has known about Availity for years as the leading healthcare engagement platform for synthesizing and sharing critical health information in the real-time daily workflow of its clients, which includes 1.2 million active providers and a network of national and regional health plans across the country.

He sees data—specifically, the ability to use it to foster more seamless collaboration between payers and providers for the benefit of patients—as the industry’s fundamental opportunity.

“Healthcare is a unique industry—for better and for worse,” he said. “Technology advancements are happening very quickly. However, the industry is constrained by a web of complex regulations, standards and rules that slow the pace of innovation. The opportunity nexus for these competing forces is data—how it is collected, analyzed and shared. Solving data challenges is critical to healthcare transformation.”

Creavin's diverse experience spans multiple industries, including healthcare, media and electronics. Most recently, he served as a senior vice president, CIO and CTO of the healthcare analytics company Cotiviti. His career has also included the roles of senior vice president, CIO and CTO of the healthcare company Emdeon; senior vice president and CIO of the media company Primedia; and CTO of Time Inc., a division of Time Warner, one of the world’s largest media companies.

His personal interests include literature, theater and music. He and his wife Susan have two children, Tim and Isabelle.

Creavin holds an MBA in General Management from the NYU Stern School of Business, and Bachelor’s degrees in Systems Engineering and Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin.

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