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7.25.2022 By Availity


“This was great, but how can we continue these conversations after we leave Connects?” This comment is one of the most common pieces of feedback we hear from Availity Connects attendees. The in-person engagement is so valuable that no one wants to wait an entire year to reconvene.


We know Zoom can’t take the place of getting together on Amelia Island. Still, it does allow us to stay in touch as we continue the work of improving payer-provider collaboration. We will be hosting a series of virtual events between now and next May to bring stakeholders together and keep the meaningful conversations going. Here are the different types of events you can look forward to:   


Design Pop-Up Sessions: Gathering customer feedback during product development is critical, and these design pop-ups provide a forum to do just that. Our product owners will host these small, interactive sessions, and we will work with our account managers to identify health plans and providers who wish to participate.


Thought Leadership Webinars: These sessions will cover a range of industry topics—from best practices for implementation to updates on the latest compliance regulations. Our thought leadership webinars are open to both customers and the public.


Product Roadmap Meetings: Each quarter, our product team will deliver an update on the current product roadmap. Invitations to these meetings will come from account managers.   


Bookmark our Availity Connects site to stay up to date on our virtual public events and other Connects-related content.


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